VRA Conference Day 3-4 Snippets

Back home now after an amazing few days.  A better post will follow after I’ve gotten some more sleep, but I’ll jot down the things I remember from the past 48 hours while it’s still there:

  • Got to see the Materials Resource Center at RISD and fell in love.  I wanted to just hang out for hours there and touch all the things!
  • After hearing stories about an awesome trip to New Mexico, I need to go see the tent rocks now.
  • Totally sold on the idea of normal ladies riding motorcycles after hearing first hand (from a normal lady) how awesome it is during rush hour in LA (where lane splitting is legal).
  • Fun fact: the state of Michigan is best visually represented by your right hand.
  • American Cadbury Mini Eggs are bigger, tastier, and more speckly than Canadian Cadbury Mini Eggs.

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