Critical Making (put a ring on it)

Remember that Teaser I sent out a while back? Have you been waiting with bated breath for the follow up?  Well, I present to you lovely people of the internets…. the Single+ (pronounced singlet)


So what is it?  It’s a ring, it’s a prototype, it’s a communication device and a symbolic representation of status.

And, well, it’s our final project for my critical making class.  We were tasked with creating something that “reveals private information in a public place.”  This was after a bunch of readings and discussions on privacy, identity, and ubiquitous computing.  We were inspired by the work that a wedding ring does to communicate identity in public.  So the Single+ projects similar information for single people (what you’re looking for, how long you’ve been looking), taking concepts from online dating into the real world.  It’s like wearing your Facebook relationship status on your sleeve (or your hand).

The multi-colour light in the middle can be set for what you’re looking for (gender) and then the white lights around the outside speed up over time (so you can tell how long someone’s been single).

More info here on the poster as well as the github site.  We had a lot of fun making it, and making up ways it could be used (Andrea is adamant it’s NOT intended to be just a hook-up device).  But just to be clear, we’re not really advocating its use – this was more of an exercise to explore the process of making, and maybe also imagining a cautionary tale.