The Age of Curation

So I guess it started with Pinterest.  Simmering under the consciousness of the web was a new desire.  We don’t just need content producers or providers anymore.  We need curators to show us what is good, what is new, what is cool.  We want real people with all their surprises and unpredictability and personality (as opposed to an Amazon bot that can only ever aggregate and refine very very well).

And Pinterest addressed that need by giving people the tools, saying “you don’t have to make or design to have value here, your value is in your choices, in what you share.”

So is it true?  Do we find meaning through assemblage?

Or maybe curation is something else: how we try to feel, through the objects they choose, a connection with to an already trusted source.  Or maybe we’re delegating our choices, outsourcing them so we don’t have to sift through the sea of data ourselves, instead I trust X to do it right.  But I’m not sure if I am completely on board with a website for children’s books recommended by real parents, because this resource already exists in a children’s librarian, and I’m not sure that a website will do it better, it will just do it quicker.