Sweater Challenge pt1

I have decided to challenge myself to make a (long overdue) sweater in a week.

I won this kit at an event a few years ago.  I am usually not ambitious enough to think of taking on a full sweater and frankly buying large quantities of yarn can get really expensive, hats and scarves are more of my price range. (Geeky knitting aside: I guess technically this isn’t even a sweater since it doesn’t have sleeves, but I still categorize it in the sweater family: lots of yarn, lots of stocking stitch, lots of shaping and then seams and finishing required – my least favourite parts of knitting and all requisite for sweaters.)

IMG_0353  IMG_0357

So while not exactly looking this gift horse in the mouth, I just put this it at the bottom of my yarn pile and left it for a few years.  But then I woke up and decided today is the day (or more accurately, yesterday was the day).  I have too much yarn lying around, I need to start turning it into things or giving it away (or both really).


So I sat down last night all excited to get started.  Then I remembered the dreadful task of turning 10 skeins of really thin, sticky yarn into 10 balls.  An hour later, after trying three different methods, much unravelling of knots, and forming 10 completely misshapen balls, ready to start knitting!



As I was going over the pattern and examining the photo of the finished piece, the alarm bells started going off in my mind (where the hell does that arm hole start/stop?).  The pattern even starts with a little “aside” which is basically the author saying this was a prototype she didn’t like, then turned upside down and then stuck in a pattern book.  It’s not a good sign when the pattern maker can’t even really figure out how you’re supposed to wear it. So I’m making my own adjustments…. we’ll see.

Progress after the first day: finished about 4″ of the top with decreases.  Have  a new plan/modification for the pattern.  One ball down, nine to go.  Will keep you posted.