Current work

I am a PhD Student at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information (iSchool), where I also completed my Master’s degree in Information Systems & Design with the Knowledge Media Design Collaborative Program. 

My current research focuses on digital preservation and curation in support of Internet Research. I’m interested in the systems and infrastructure needed for managing, re-using, and forming trust in web data sources over time. In particular, I study data practices in social sciences and humanities fields involving web archives, digital methods, and social media studies, where the subject of research work is born-digital and born-networked. How is research data treated when the phenomenon under investigation is also a form of data represented through (and representative of) network infrastructures, systems, and platforms? I’m hoping to learn more about the impacts that different interfaces or views of data (i.e. through visualization) can have on the processes of research, and how these research objects can be preserved, curated, and made available for future scholarly pursuits.

As a Research Assistant with the Digital Curation Institute I’ve worked on the BenchmarkDP project exploring Capability Maturity Models for organizational assessment in digital preservation. See the DCI website for some forthcoming publications from the project.

Other interests

My background in architecture and construction management contributed to my interest in how the design of systems and infrastructure impact user experience. It also gave me to opportunity to work with a number of architecture and design firms in Toronto, Vancouver, and Los Angeles, and to study architecture in Rome.

What else? I’m obsessed with the internet. I love diagrams. I love speculative fiction. I also love making things. I’ve been using a sewing machine since I was six years old. I’ve worked with miniatures, model-making, Japanese bookbinding and box-making, knitting, crochet, metal and glass jewellery and made my own board games.

Last updated October 8, 2016