Grocery App Prototype

A group project as part KMD2002 Technologies for Knowledge Media in Summer 2013. In this project, we designed the ‘Gluten Free-Grocer’ mobile app for users with celiac disease, to aid in finding gluten-free products while grocery shopping. This involved conducting user research, including existing resources from the Canadian Celiac Association, and existing gluten-free apps and websites.

We then developed requirements and use cases, and designed the overall information architecture. User testing sessions were conducted with low-fidelity paper prototypes and the ‘Wizard of Oz’ technique. Testing included screening/background questionnaires, and a post-testing survey with targeted questions to rate the difficulty of performing tasks (using Likert scale), and eliciting more qualitative feedback with a ‘Product Reaction Card’ developed by Microsoft. We produced a final report for recommendations for further development and testing.

KMD2002 Prototyping Project Blog

A sample of the first version of our prototype:


Branching Storyboard Snapshot