Digital Objects / Networked Experiences

Created for PhD Research Days April 2015. This poster describes and demonstrates the tensions in digital preservation around defining authentic digital objects through a formal notation like significant properties. The nature of the poster itself – experienced differently depending on distance, and with/without glasses or ‘viewing technology’ – reflects the varied experiences of born-networked digital objects. 

Won the award for best poster.




Hidden text: 

Defining a formal notational system for fixed representations of digital objects belies the diversity of possible experiences and interactions that exist in our networked world.

There is no single authoritative view of a website; it will display differently for each user, based on different hardware and software configurations, as well as locations (IP addresses).

Thinking of a range of networked experiences as opposed to a single digital object might provide us with a better metaphor to approach preservation of complex websites and databases.

I want to explore alternative approaches to digital preservation and curation that embrace networked experiences characterized through information visualizations.